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Food Factory [Repris]
All Bar Naan. Discover how modern technology has transformed the way traditional Indian flatbread is baked; crunchy cheesy puffs get a flavour as bright as their neon colour; cream filled cookies get that distinctly Canadian taste and shape; and decadent chocolates are filled with the luck o' the Irish. From raw materials to finished products, FOOD FACTORY reveals in awe-inspiring detail how mass-produced favourites are really made. Put on a hardhat and get ready to meet the food!. ,. Säsong 2. Del 5 av 26. Producerat år 2013.
Food Factory [Repris]
Cut The Mustard. Discover how zesty mustard gets its vibrant colour; luxurious orange creams come filled with a double hit of sweet and tart; nutty granola bars are jam packed with exotic ingredients; and what exactly goes into Tootsie Rolls to give them that old-school chewy texture. From raw materials to finished products, FOOD FACTORY reveals in awe-inspiring detail how mass-produced favourites are really made. Put on a hardhat and get ready to meet the food!. ,. Säsong 2. Del 6 av 26. Producerat år 2013.
America's Funniest Home Videos: Animal Edition
The Rancho Turkey Gang. A precious baby goat stampede, a martial arts mantis, the differences between an alligator and a crocodile, close encounters with animals, a turkey traffic jam, animal birthday parties, a dachshund blends in with kangaroos, the viral clip of the week, and George the mouse in a log pile house. Säsong 2. Del 1 av 12. Producerat år 2022.
Wicked Tuna: North vs South
Hard Knocks. In this "Outer Banks or Bust" edition, the fleet learns that, without local knowhow, theres no chance of conquering this challenging fishery. Säsong 6. Del 4 av 16. Producerat år 2019.
Banged Up Abroad [Repris]
In 1976 Jerry Amster is having the time of his life traveling around Amsterdam. But when funds run low, he and two American friends, agree to smuggle heroin from Kuala Lumpur to Amsterdam. However, things don't go to plan. Jerry and his accomplices are busted when their plane stops in Moscow; they're sentenced to a lengthy spell in a Russian labor camp. After nearly four years in prison, when Jerry's at his lowest ebb, he finds himself in the midst of an unbelievable turn of events. ,. Säsong 6. Del 20 av 20. Producerat år 2011.
Banged Up Abroad [Repris]
Undercover Biker. After his arrest, drug dealer Charles Falco is facing decades behind bars. Instead, he strikes a deal with the authorities and becomes a confidential informant - living a life undercover. For the first time ever, Charles Falco tells his story on camera of how he manages to infiltrate the Vagos, one of the most violent biker gangs in the US. It's a decision that will throw Falco into a deadly world of cat and mouse where every move could be his last. ,. Säsong 10. Del 5 av 12. Producerat år 2016.
Drain The Oceans [Repris]
Secrets of D-Day. Using the latest sonar technology, a unique expedition to map sunken Allied vessels off the Normandy Coast reveals stunning images from beneath the waves. There are over a hundred shipwrecks in the English Channel of the landing craft and ships that took part in the greatest amphibious Invasion Fleet ever assembled. As the water drains away, we reveal extraordinary, secret technology deployed by both the Allies and the Nazis in the battle for western Europe. The outcome of that conflict changes our world forever. ,. Säsong 2. Del 1 av 15. Producerat år 2018.
Drain The Oceans
Pacific War Megawrecks. An expedition searches for the iconic wrecks of the Battle of the Pacific, including the ship that delivered the Hiroshima bomb, USS Indianapolis. Säsong 2. Del 9 av 15. Producerat år 2018.
Europe From Above [Repris]
Germany. A spectacular aerial journey across Germany, revealing a factory the size of a city, a fairy-tale castle and the largest land vehicle on Earth. ,. Säsong 1. Del 3 av 6. Producerat år 2019.
Seconds From Disaster [Repris]
Seconds From Disaster. Seconds From Disaster returns to National Geographic Channel International to recreate and analyse 6 of the most famous disasters of recent history. Testimony from key witnesses and survivors, enhanced by reconstructions, archive and photo-real computer graphics take the viewer into the confusion and panic that precede catastrophes, including 9/11, Pearl Harbor, the Paddington rail crash and the worst industrial accident in the world at Bhopal. Experts - often the original investigators - reconstruct the twists and turns of the search for the cause, as they analyse the evidence for the vital clues to the critical and disastrous chain of events. ,. Säsong 1. Del 10 av 13. Producerat år 2004.
Car S.O.S. [Repris]
Fiat 500. Tim and Fuzz take on an Italian icon : a 1967 Fiat 500 , their smallest car but one of their biggest challenges. A series of family tragedies meant the car's owner Duncan could not bring himself to restore the car and that's where the Car SOS boys come in. ,. Säsong 5. Del 6 av 10. Producerat år 2017.
Car S.O.S. [Repris]
Renault 5 GT Turbo. Tim and Fuzz have taken on a legendary 1980s French hot hatch, the mighty Renault 5 GT Turbo. The car's owner, Ben, was part way through a full restoration when he was struck down with serious organ failure meaning his beloved GT ended up an unfinished project. Can Tim and Fuzz get his dream car back on the road?. ,. Säsong 5. Del 5 av 10. Producerat år 2017.
Car S.O.S. [Repris]
Ferguson Tractor. Making motoring dreams come true for an eighth season award winning Car SOS is back, and this time it's bigger and better than ever. Everyone's favourite petrol heads Fuzz Townshend and Tim Shaw continue their mission to seek out classic cars with deserving owners. Using all their guile and restoration knowledge their aim is to sneak away clapped out classics without their owners knowing then in a blizzard of grease and grime and hard graft get the much loved motors back where they deserve to be, on the road .In this series the boys take on their biggest challenges ever. Chronic rust, hard to find parts and broken engines test the boys to their limits. Car ranging across eight decades from a vintage tourer to a 1990s Japanese supercar, from an iconic German sports coupe to a very rare British rally winner, and, for their lucky owners the surprise they will never forget. There will be tears, there will be laughter on this automotive rollercoaster and one thing that will be guaranteed - there will be some very beautiful cars. ,. Säsong 8. Del 5 av 9. Producerat år 2020.
Air Crash Investigation
No Warning. A turboprop commuter plane is approaching a remote airport in Papua, Indonesia, when it mysteriously disappears. Billowing smoke on a nearby mountaintop leads search-and-rescue teams to the wreckage. And while three separate systems could have prevented the tragedy, it's up to investigators to figure out why none of them did. Säsong 19. Del 8 av 10. Producerat år 2019.
Air Crash Investigation
Lokomotiv Hockey Team Disaster. One of Russias most popular hockey teams is on its way to Minsk, Belarus, for their first game of the 2011 season. Their Soviet built Yak-42D starts down the main runway at Yaroslavls Tunoshna Airport. But instead of lifting off, the plane runs off the end of the tarmac, strikes a tower and crashes into the Volga River. Only the planes mechanic survives the disaster. Around the globe, fans mourn one of the biggest tragedies in the history of the sport. Russian President Medvedev demands answers, and investigators are under tremendous pressure to find out what went wrong. Säsong 11. Del 9 av 13. Producerat år 2011.
Ukraine From the Air
A year after Russia’s invasion, this documentary charts the heroic efforts of Ukraine’s people to defeat Russia’s army. It’s a war fought and observed from the air: teenagers with drones call in artillery strikes, sappers blow up bridges to wreck Russian supply lines, civilians use 3D printers to build homemade ambush weapons and investigators gather images from space to reveal Russian war crimes. Producerat år 2023.
Nazis at Nuremberg: The Lost Testimony
Never-before-heard trial testimony reveals shocking new details about World War II and the inner workings of the Nazi war machine. Hear the raw voices of Hitler's criminal henchmen - such as Hermann Goering, Wilhelm Keitel, Albert Speer and Rudolf Hess - as well as the victims and witnesses who bravely testified against them. Producerat år 2021.
Air Crash Investigation [Repris]
Deadly Go Round. Just minutes from touching down, China Airlines Flight 140 falls out of the sky at Japan's Nagoya Airport. By morning, investigators are already sifting through the charred debris on the runway, but what they find only deepens the mystery. At first it looks as though the pilots are entirely to blame for the disaster, but by the end of the exhaustive two-year investigation, it's clear the causes are far more complex. ,. Säsong 17. Del 9 av 10. Producerat år 2018.
Air Crash Investigation [Repris]
Dead of Winter. En route to Boise, Idaho, Continental Airlines Flight 1713 is delayed on the tarmac in Denver where controllers struggle to keep departures on schedule amid heavy snow. When the plane is finally cleared for take-off, the DC-9 barely lifts off the ground before its banks sharply and crashes. Investigators find nothing wrong with the aircraft itself, but what they eventually uncover changes commercial flight forever. ,. Säsong 17. Del 10 av 10. Producerat år 2018.
Banged Up Abroad [Repris]
Caribbean Nightmare. Jayne Blaydon thought she had landed a dream job when she accepted an offer to teach lap dancing in a Caribbean nightclub. But soon after arriving in Guyana, she and her husband David were forced at gunpoint to smuggle multiple kilos of liquid cocaine back to England. They successfully get through two customs points before being arrested in Guadeloupe. Locked up in prison, David suffers physical attacks and is crippled before he and Jayne are finally released after almost two years. ,. Säsong 6. Del 10 av 20. Producerat år 2011.
Banged Up Abroad [Repris]
Son of Saddam. Iraqi soldier Latif Yahia is fighting in the Iran-Iraq War when he is summoned to the Palace. Here, Latif claims Saddam Hussein's eldest son Uday demanded Latif become his body double. Latif is almost an exact physical match for Uday, virtually his twin. He doesn't want the role, but Uday has him thrown in prison until Latif accepts he has no choice but to do as he is commanded. He severs all ties with family, friends and his previous identity, and is trained to walk, talk, and behave exactly like his new master. While the position has its perks, Latif has to witness Uday's evil behavior-rape, murder, torture-on a continual basis. Although Latif narrowly survives several assassination attempts, it is only a matter of time before the devil turns on his 'brother,' and Latif has to choose between death or escape…. ,. Säsong 6. Del 5 av 20. Producerat år 2011.
Trafficked With Mariana Van Zeller [Repris]
Romance Scams. In 2020 alone, romance scammers exploited Americans out of more than $600M. Mariana’s investigation takes her to Ghana, where she meets a gang of scammers who are relentless in searching for high-income targets on dating apps and social media. The gang shows her their secrets to seduction, how much money they’re making, and the lifestyle that has blossomed alongside the scam’s growing popularity. ,. Säsong 2. Del 7 av 10. Producerat år 2020.
Seconds From Disaster [Repris]
Paddington Rail Disaster. October 5th 1999, a passenger train leaving London Paddington during the morning rush hour collides with an incoming train at a combined speed of 209 kph. The impact, and an unprecedented 20-meter high fireball, that sweeps over the mangled carriages, kills 29 passengers and both drivers, and leaves hundreds injured and trapped in the twisted wreckage. The original lead investigators recreate their analysis of how two trains came to be travelling towards each other on the same stretch of track, and why automatic warning systems and fully functioning brakes were not enough to prevent one of the worst rail accidents in British history. Step by step reconstruction of the circumstances reveals a startling history of near misses that should have made one of the worst rail accidents in British history avoidable. ,. Säsong 4. Del 4 av 10. Producerat år 2011.
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Air Crash Investigation
Mystery Over the Mediterranean. En route from Paris to Cairo, EgyptAir Flight 804 spirals into the Mediterranean. While early evidence suggests a fire broke out on board, Egyptian authorities later claim an act of terror as the cause. The case is turned over to the Egyptian State Prosecutor for a criminal investigation. Six years later, an Italian journalist is leaked a report and a controversial new theory emerges. Säsong 22. Del 10 av 10. Producerat år 2021.


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