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Food Factory [Repris]
Tikka My Breath Away. Discover how many spices go into richly aromatic tikka masala, and why it's Britain's favourite meal; sweet and sour gummy worms get their mouth-puckering flavour; crunchy golden tortillas stay intact until they're stuffed full of Mexican treats on taco night; and seasonal Easter creme eggs get that yummy and yolky egg-like filling. From raw materials to finished products, FOOD FACTORY reveals in awe-inspiring detail how mass-produced favourites are really made. Put on a hardhat and get ready to meet the food!. ,. Säsong 2. Del 7 av 26. Producerat år 2013.
Food Factory [Repris]
Getting Saucy. Discover how classic Tootsie Pops get that chewy reward in the middle; sweet and tangy ketchup contains all of the five taste sensations; a traditional Italian dessert, tiramisu, actually gets its pillowy texture from crunchy biscuits; and why salty, doughy pretzels get all twisted. From raw materials to finished products, FOOD FACTORY reveals in awe-inspiring detail how mass-produced favourites are really made. Put on a hardhat and get ready to meet the food!. ,. Säsong 2. Del 8 av 26. Producerat år 2013.
Wicked Tuna: North vs South
Hard Knocks. In this "Outer Banks or Bust" edition, the fleet learns that, without local knowhow, theres no chance of conquering this challenging fishery. Säsong 6. Del 4 av 16. Producerat år 2019.
Wicked Tuna: North vs South
Blood Feud. When a pair of brothers from the South challenge a brother/sister duo from the North for the top spot, the showdown in the Outer Banks becomes a full-blown sibling rivalry. Säsong 6. Del 5 av 16. Producerat år 2019.
Banged Up Abroad [Repris]
Undercover Biker. After his arrest, drug dealer Charles Falco is facing decades behind bars. Instead, he strikes a deal with the authorities and becomes a confidential informant - living a life undercover. For the first time ever, Charles Falco tells his story on camera of how he manages to infiltrate the Vagos, one of the most violent biker gangs in the US. It's a decision that will throw Falco into a deadly world of cat and mouse where every move could be his last. ,. Säsong 10. Del 5 av 12. Producerat år 2016.
Banged Up Abroad [Repris]
Korean Ecstasy King. Jesse Moskel is a born rebel. Raised in a strict Christian Cult in New York State, he breaks all the rules - drinking heavily and taking cocaine. But his addictions spiral out of control, and he escapes to South Korea to find work as a teacher. In Seoul, he meets a shady character with a ready supply of pure MDMA. Jesse soon becomes the kingpin of a huge international drug smuggling operation, and one of South East Asia's most wanted men. ,. Säsong 10. Del 4 av 12. Producerat år 2016.
Drain The Oceans [Repris]
Pacific War Megawrecks. An expedition searches for the iconic wrecks of the Battle of the Pacific, including the ship that delivered the Hiroshima bomb, USS Indianapolis. ,. Säsong 2. Del 9 av 15. Producerat år 2018.
Drain The Oceans
Thai Cave Rescue. Drain the Oceans conducts the first accurate 3D survey of the Thai Cave. It reveals new insights into the life and death mission to save 12 boys from the flooded cave. Säsong 2. Del 8 av 15. Producerat år 2018.
Europe From Above [Repris]
The Netherlands. This spectacular aerial journey across the Netherlands, reveals ancient windmills, futuristic greenhouses and the world's biggest bonfire. ,. Säsong 1. Del 1 av 6. Producerat år 2019.
To Catch a Smuggler: USA
MDMA on the Move. HSI agents in Chicago execute a controlled delivery of 163 grams of ecstasy. CBP officers in El Paso find 240 grams of fentanyl worth $7,800 abandoned in a bathroom, before uncovering a hidden compartment in a vehicle containing 5.75 kilos of cocaine worth $98,000. Meanwhile, FDA inspectors in Detroit seize counterfeit Covid test kits and CBP searches travelers for narcotics at JFK. Säsong 4. Del 7 av 5. Producerat år 2022.
Car S.O.S.
Jensen Interceptor. Tim and Fuzz are off to Southampton to take on a car a 1969 Jensen Interceptor. Owner Nick, cherished his dream car until he got extreme arthritis. Säsong 9. Del 5 av 11. Producerat år 2021.
Car S.O.S.
Fiat X1/9. Tim and Fuzz take on a Car SOS emergency. 53-year-old Fiat X1/9 owner Steve has terminal cancer but is desperate to see his son drive the car before it's too late. Säsong 9. Del 3 av 11. Producerat år 2021.
Car S.O.S.
VW Wizard. Tim and Fuzz come to the rescue of their first ever custom car, a radically modified VW Beetle called a VW Wizard. Säsong 9. Del 4 av 11. Producerat år 2021.
Air Crash Investigation
Pressure Point. Shortly after takeoff, Japan Airlines 123 is rocked by a double explosion, and the pilots struggle to keep their crippled 747 in the sky. Slamming into a mountain, the ensuing disaster becomes the deadliest single aircraft accident in history. Though investigators immediately suspect an act of terror, the wreckage tells a different story—one that threatens to ground 747s worldwide. Säsong 22. Del 3 av 10. Producerat år 2021.
Air Crash Investigation
Deadly Exchange. Emerging from thick cloud cover, Corporate Airlines Flight 5966 crashes in the treetops on final approach to Kirksville, Missouri, and the twin-engine turboprop is consumed by flames just a mile from the runway. The incinerated wreckage provides few clues. Investigators rule out mechanical failure but soon discover a casual conversation in the cockpit that may have set the tone for disaster. Säsong 22. Del 1 av 10. Producerat år 2021.
Europe From Above
Denmark. This spectacular aerial journey reveals Denmark as it’s never been seen before. Flying cameras uncover a state-of-the-art power plant with a ski slope on its roof, soar above a procession by the Royal Family’s elite guards and see repairs to unique houses found nowhere else on Earth. We’ll explore the many islands that make up this small nation and discover a castle so infamous that it inspired Shakespeare to write his play Hamlet. Säsong 4. Del 2 av 7. Producerat år 2021.
Air Crash Investigation
Deadly Deception. A Bulgarian airliner is en route to the Black Sea resort town of Varna when four violent hijackers take hostages and demand to be flown to Vienna—even though there isn’t enough fuel on board for the two-hour detour. Conspiring with authorities on the ground, the crew comes up with a daring plan to press on. But can they somehow fool the hijackers into believing that Varna is Vienna?. Säsong 22. Del 8 av 10. Producerat år 2021.
Trafficked With Mariana Van Zeller
Ghost Guns. Ghost guns are quickly becoming the weapon of choice for criminal organizations nationwide. Built from kits that anyone can buy online without a background check, these ghost guns have no serial numbers, so they are untraceable. Mariana is on an urgent mission to expose how a largely unregulated industry has blossomed into a black market that funnels weapons into some very dangerous hands. Säsong 3. Del 3 av 10. Producerat år 2021.
Air Crash Investigation
Death Race. Flying just a few hundred feet above the desert, six single-engine WW2 fighter planes get into position for the highlight event of the Reno Air Races. And with 30,000 spectators watching from below, they fly an eight-mile oval at close to 450 miles per hour. Competing in a highly-modified P-51 Mustang called 'The Galloping Ghost', local legend Jimmy Leeward is determined to set a new speed record. But half-way through the race, his plane suddenly pitches up, spirals out of control, and crashes onto the tarmac in front of the stands. It's one of the worst air race crashes of all time, and investigators call on the pilot's close friend to help them piece together what went wrong. Säsong 18. Del 2 av 10. Producerat år 2019.
Air Crash Investigation [Repris]
Borderline Tactics. An American cargo plane attempts a difficult landing at the US naval station at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. With the runway just a few meters from the armed border, the maneuver requires avoiding Cuban airspace. But something goes terribly wrong on its final approach, and the DC-8 crashes at the end of the runway. At first, investigators wonder if Cuba somehow played a role in the crash, but they eventually uncover an invisible culprit that threatens the lives of cargo pilots everywhere. ,. Säsong 18. Del 4 av 10. Producerat år 2019.
Banged Up Abroad
Son of Saddam. Iraqi soldier Latif Yahia is fighting in the Iran-Iraq War when he is summoned to the Palace. Here, Latif claims Saddam Hussein's eldest son Uday demanded Latif become his body double. Latif is almost an exact physical match for Uday, virtually his twin. He doesn't want the role, but Uday has him thrown in prison until Latif accepts he has no choice but to do as he is commanded. He severs all ties with family, friends and his previous identity, and is trained to walk, talk, and behave exactly like his new master. While the position has its perks, Latif has to witness Uday's evil behavior-rape, murder, torture-on a continual basis. Although Latif narrowly survives several assassination attempts, it is only a matter of time before the devil turns on his 'brother,' and Latif has to choose between death or escape…. Säsong 6. Del 5 av 20. Producerat år 2011.
Banged Up Abroad [Repris]
My Dad The Smuggler. Scott Campbell can't wait to go traveling in China with his estranged father Lockie, and then he finds out his dad is secretly planning to smuggle 20 kilos of cannabis. When they're arrested, dad Lockie is jailed but Scott is released with a bag containing some of the undiscovered cannabis. Incredibly, Scott risks all by continuing the smuggling mission to Tokyo in order to raise money to pay for his father's lawyer. ,. Säsong 6. Del 11 av 20. Producerat år 2011.
Nazi Megastructures [Repris]
Atlantic Wall. To protect occupied Europe from an Allied invasion Hitler demanded the construction of a defensive wall stretching thousands of kilometers from France in the South to Norway in the North. This is the story of how this vast engineering project sucked in huge quantities of raw materials and men from all over the Third Reich … and faced its ultimate test on D-Day. ,. Säsong 1. Del 1 av 6. Producerat år 2013.
Seconds From Disaster [Repris]
Death In Mid-Air. For the forty-five schoolchildren who boarded the Bashkirian Airlines flight from Moscow to Barcelona it was going to be the trip of a lifetime, a reward for their academic success. But more than two and a half hours into the flight their Tupolev 154 collided with a Boeing 757 cargo plane over the small German lakeside town of Überlingen, sending all aboard to a horrifying death. With both aircraft equipped with collision avoidance systems and being monitored by Zurich's flight control centre, how was it possible for such an accident to occur? Seconds from Disaster counts down to the moment of impact and investigates the perfect storm of failures that led to a tragedy that echoed around the world - and even continued to claim lives years later. ,. Säsong 4. Del 5 av 10. Producerat år 2011.
05:00 (06:00)
Air Crash Investigation
Pacific Plunge. When Alaska Airlines Flight 261 suddenly nosedives into the Pacific, investigators uncover a critical maintenance issue with deadly implications. Säsong 21. Del 5 av 10. Producerat år 2021.


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